Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day!

What a difference one day can make!

The snow is falling, and Interior Foliage is still taking care of business. We just wear more layers.

Snow links: - MTA's Homepage, now carrying alerts for nyc transit, Long Island Railroad, and Metro-North.
- School delays and closings. - Bald eagle sightings at Riverside park! - Brooklyn Botanic Garden - New York Botanical Garden (Bronx)

If you've never been, a snow day is a great reason to visit.

Have fun and stay warm!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Winter Checkup

The last time we were on the green roof was in August, so we felt it was necessary to check up on our rooftop friends.



Caveat: I have not recorded the exact locations of both pictures. They simply represent the change that has occurred with most of the succulents. In this case, 80% have multiplied and adapted a brownish red color.

The color represents the plant in a dormant state.

While you're thinking, let's take a look at the cacti.

"It's shrinkage!"

How could this happen? When winter arrives, the cold temperature and wind will extract the water from the pores of the cactus. But if the cactus reduces the surface area, it decreases the amount of pores, which increases water retention. Simply put, a shriveled up cactus can survive a New York winter.

Now how is that solar hot water system doing?

Well, at the time of this picture, it was 38 degrees Farenheit.

View from our rooftop.

The abridged explanation of the hot water system. Glycol, a non-toxic solution that heats up from the panel, travels from the roof to the solar storage tank in our basement, which is filled with cold water. The glycol heats up the water through a coil that runs through the tank. The storage tank can store hot water for days, so if there is chain of rainy days, the solar system still works.

And the temperature in the storage as of this post? 140 degrees Farenheit.
"Of course I contribute to society!"
-the renewable energy industry

That's the dispatch from Long Island City. Until next time, enjoy the sun!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Interior Foliage 2.0

We are thrilled to announce our budget-saving, heart-warming, flora and fauna packed, vegan-friendly new website!

So what's new?

1. With our new website, we are officially unstoppable

Where else can you find a company that offers plants, trees, flowers, orchids, outdoor trees, bushes, perennials, annuals, metal, wood and fiberglass planters, all available for sale online?

2. With our consolidated resources, we save you big $$$

We have the largest retail greenhouse in NYC. This means we have the resources for your arrangement, tropical plant, outdoor tree, landscape job, and more. The other guys will make you pay extra $ for gathering the material needed for a job.

Interior Foliage likes to treat their customers with respect. That's why we keep costs down by having all our material in stock. We pass the savings to you, every time, guaranteed.

3. One minute can save you thousands of dollars.

We're located in the heart of Long Island City, seconds away from the Queensboro Bridge. Our location helps save big money on arrangements, plant maintenance, indoor and outdoor landscaping, and more.

Interior Foliage gives your budget the break it needs, with superior service.

4. The most reliable name in the green industry.

For over 30 years, clients have trusted us with their most sensitive projects. When it looks impossible, people turn to us. When an event becomes too much to handle, we're there to help.

Clients will now take advantage of over 30 years of dedicated service, with streamlined information for an educated consumer.

Call or stop by, we're ready to help.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Your Source For New York Plant Rentals

Bar Mitzvah Celebration, New York, NY

Plant Rentals are so in this season.

For every occasion and project, people have turned to Interior Foliage as their choice for plant rentals.
Just this month, Interior Foliage has provided plant rentals for birthday parties, print ads, commercials and weddings.

Reasons the professionals choose Interior Foliage:

A) We stock our material: We have the plants you need in stock, over 500 different species. It's apart of our quality assurance policy. Silk and artificial plants, flowers, and orchids are also available.

B) Value for your dollar: No other company works within your budget like Interior Foliage. We'll add the magic to your event at a price point you can smile about.

C) Same day delivery, Next day pickup: Our trucks run daily throughout NYC and the metro area. We're the only company who can do same-day plant rentals, with next-day pickup.

Areas we service for plant rentals:

Staten Island

Nassau County
Suffolk County
Westchester County
Jersey City

Professional plant rentals:

Print Ads
Trade Shows
Fashion Shows

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

Call the most trusted name in plant rentals. Call Interior Foliage today.

(718) 784 4527.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Breaking Ground

IFD Builds NYC'S First Green & Solar Roof!

Welcome to the future of a sustainable NYC.

Interior Foliage has just completed a very exciting project: The first green AND solar hot water roof in New York City, on our very own roof!

We wanted to show our clients how using a green roof/solar hot water system could be both aesthetically pleasing, while saving tons of money, every year.

We figured the best way to show people was to do it ourselves, first.

Let's do a tour of our new neighbors upstairs...

The Cacti

Don't steal their Daily News!

The Cacti are the best neighbors a tenant could have: quiet, and no maintenance required.

Question: Cacti? In New York? I thought they were only in deserts!

Answer: While Cacti are prominently found in arid desert regions, the cacti featured on our roof are native to the New Jersey, Long Island Area.

Tough Guys.

How a green roof can help a landlord:

The plants on a green roof absorb heat, keeping the building cooler and reducing the need for air conditioning.

Our green roof is projected to save up to 30 percent of our summer cooling costs.

Our green roof will also absorb up to 85 percent of storm water runoff, releasing water slowly into the drainage system. Storm water runoff can overwhelm the City’s sewer system, and potentially cause untreated sewage to overflow into local waterways.

If every city had a green roof, you'd never hear about city beaches closing due to storm water runoff. Cleaner air, cleaner water, cleaner NYC.

The Quiet Heroes.

Each 10,000 square foot green roof can capture between 8,000 and 12,000 gallons of water in each storm, the evaporation of which will produce the equivalent of between a thousand and two thousand tons of air conditioning — enough heat removal to noticeably cool 10 acres of the city.

City Assistance:

Building owners in New York City who install green rooftops on at least 50 percent of available rooftop space can apply for a one-year property tax credit of up to $100,000, or $4.50 a square foot.

Part Two on Monday: The Solar Hot Water System.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Study: Women Who Recieve Flowers are Happy 3 Days After

Looking to give your loved one the best week ever?

Women who were given flowers, as part of a recent study by researchers at Rutgers University, reported elevated moods for up to three days after receiving the bouquets.

Those given fruit and candles reported no such change.

Found at Thanks Martha, we love Flowers too!